We are grateful to Trinity Church of Bolton, Massachusetts for their gift of service, and to the West Jackson community blog for covering this story on their site. We have reprinted the original story here for your convenience.


Mrs. Florida Waits woke up to a blessing last week when 29 youth volunteers showed up at her house to paint the exterior and help with the yard work. Mrs. Waits is a long time resident of Washington Addition and has been living in her house on Dalton St. since 1945.

Voice of Calvary Ministries partnered with Trinity Church in Bolton, Massachusetts to coordinate youth to come to Mississippi and give back. They had identified Mrs. Waits home as a potential site for the volunteers. Volunteers said they wanted to come to Mississippi because of its rich history and were excited to work with Mrs. Waits because they found out she used to house Freedom Riders at her home during the Civil Rights Movement.

Mrs. Waits enjoys growing flowers in her front yard, however over the years it has become more difficult to maintain. The youth volunteers helped clean up her flower beds and painted the exterior of her home.

Mrs. Waits said, “I will never forget this day and you all will always have a special place in my heart.”

Youth from the Trinity Church will be in Mississippi for a week and are staying in a volunteer house in the community that is owned by Voice of Calvary Ministries.

Source: https://westjxn.com/2017/06/27/washington-addition-resident-gets-blessing-from-volunteers/#prettyPhoto


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