**This was a past initiative of VOCM and is not a program currently being offered. 

Safe & Affordable Housing

Since 1975, VOCM has completely rehabbed nearly 300 houses for sale to low- and moderate-income families in West Jackson.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

VOCM received  grants totaling nearly $4,000,000 from  the City of Jackson and the Mississippi Development Authority under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program funded through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to acquire, rehabilitate and sell 37 foreclosed and abandoned houses for home ownership. Upon completion of the rehabilitation,  all of these houses were like new and energy efficient.

Picture of 2632 Hillside Drive

Before Rehabilitation

After Rehabilitation


In addition, we were able to construct a sixteen unit new housing development named Victory Park in McComb, Mississippi for Hurricane Katrina victims.


The personal impact of Victory Park is the stability and accomplishment it provided to our new homeowners who were used to renting their entire lifetimes. 

More Than Remodeling

Along with providing remodeled houses, we work to provide other amenities, such as our 16-acre Claiborne Park, which attracts potential homeowners to move into our community. Our goal is to rebuild communities as well as provide quality and affordable housing.

Claiborne Park in 2007

Claiborne Park in 2007

Claiborne Park Today

Claiborne Park Today

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