ties that bind

Ties That Bind is a program that provides Grandparents that are raising their grandchild/grandchildren with basic practical computer skills to be equipped to use a computer, use the most utilized computer programs, responsibly monitor their grandchild’s computer use and safely access Internet based resources.

Our hours of instruction are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5 PM.  We will observe all JPS holidays .  Contact us to see if we are opened during school closings.  Class duration : 12 weeks.

TO SIGN UP CALL Michael Cohen or Barbara Thornton at 601-969-3088.

Course content includes:

* Knowledge of and using computer parts, e.g. mouse, earphone jack, and ports* Confidence in navigating around personal  computers
* Understanding and using storage concepts like files & folders* Opening and closing files and applications and using different types of files       
* Understanding basic network concepts like connection, uploading and downloading* Understanding security risks like malware, file security and online security
* Basic and safe internet browsing* Use of social media networks like Facebook

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