Paul Felleson, his daughter Lauren and son Brian have traveled down from the Chicago, Illinois area to Jackson to volunteer at Voice of Calvary Ministries (VOCM) for 23 years. This year they brought family friend Ms. Mariana with them and together they served our community by completing several projects during the week. Paul owns and operates a landscaping company so it was not a big surprise that when it came to assisting VOCM in maintaining the beauty and safety of Claiborne Park by felling two (2) trees, one 30 feet and one 25 feet, both of which needed to come down, Paul made it look easy! We are thankful to have a professional handle this dangerous job for us.

Felling trees in Claiborne Park

Helping a Senior Citizen

Paul, Mariana, Lauren and Brian, a hard working group, in Thursday’s very cold weather, along with Mr. Carl our Facilities Manager, cleaned up the yard and roof one of our senior citizens who did not have the resources to get this done.

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