VOCM leadership has just returned from Haiti, for a board meeting of the Haiti Christian Development Fund, which started here at Voice of Calvary. We return with renewed inspiration and faith in the power of working together to uplift those in need, and put the #GospelInAction!

One of HCDF’s satellite churches in the community of Savenne Henri was destroyed by the earthquake in 2010. During reconstruction, it was destroyed again by Hurricane Matthew last October. The church exterior has been rebuilt, and the church of 100 adults, as well as the school of about 100 children, are already using the building.

The L’Exode middle school and high school in Fond-des-Blancs, Haiti, operated by the HCDF, are both doing well, filled with happy, ambitious students. They are now able to use the newly constructed cafeteria, which you see here being filled with the music of the school’s choir.

HCDF has also established a working farm in the community of Lhomond in southern Haiti. The farm currently consists of about 100 acres, and will expand to 500 in the next couple of years. It also has a mill to grind corn, which provides much needed corn meal for our schools. In addition, HCDF sells the corn meal on the open market, thereby providing employment for the community and income for the organization. #HelpingHaiti #GospelInAction

View more photos from the trip on our Facebook page here.

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