Program Coordinator with Voice of Calvary Ministries/Soldier On

I have worked in the capacity as a certified housing counselor for three years . As a counselor I Lived by the Cliché of taking care of the three parts of man ; Which is the Mind, Soul, and Spirit. I refused to allow any clients to come into our establishment with no knowledge but when you leave you are equipped with a multitude of life skills. With my current role I coordinates/manage referrals into the SSVF program from any external source and directly from veterans and their families. The referral comes through a publicized 1-800 number 1-866-406-8449; and into our pipeline. I selected Voice of Calvary Ministries as my destination, because of my passion for helping others. My motto is Loving God and Loving others and Loving myself this lines up with our mission at Voice of Calvary Ministries Rebuilding People Lives and Communities one family at a time.

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