• Homeownership Classes: This class provides you with practical knowledge to know the responsibilities of homeownership and how to manage them. This class also provides a Homeownership Class Certificate that is a required prerequisite to obtain a mortgage.


  • Credit Counseling: Need to know your Credit Score? Are there items on your credit report that will negatively impact your ability to obtain credit? Make an appointment with our Credit Counselor to review your credit report, effectively deal with items that can be corrected and put a plan in place to increase your credit score.


  • Home Foreclosure Prevention Counseling: Are you experiencing a time of financial hardship? Have you begun to worry about your home being foreclosed? Make an appointment with our Housing Counselor to discuss your options.

If you can benefit from any of these services call Voice of Calvary Ministries at 601-969-3088 and ask for Ms. Sheron Brown-Gorden.

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