Recently, we began teaching computer classes to senior citizens through our Ties that Bind: Digital Inclusion Project. The goal is that our seniors will be equipped with basic computer skills, using word processing, spreadsheet and email software, and safely access Internet-based resources, to mention a few. Our seniors have been very excited and thankful for all they have learned and are expectantly looking ahead to continue to add to their computer skills. It is our hope that grandparents who are raising their grandchildren take advantage of this program so that they can support their grandchildren’s educational goals.

Ties That Bind is a program that provides Grandparents that are raising their grandchild/grandchildren with basic practical computer skills to be equipped to use a computer, use the most utilized computer programs, responsibly monitor their grandchild’s computer use and safely access Internet based resources.

Our hours of instruction are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5 PM.  We will observe all JPS holidays .  Contact us to see if we are opened during school closings.  Class duration : 12 weeks.

TO SIGN UP CALL Michael Cohen or Barbara Thornton at 601-969-3088.

Course content includes:

* Knowledge of and using computer parts, e.g. mouse, earphone jack, and ports* Confidence in navigating around personal  computers
* Understanding and using storage concepts like files & folders* Opening and closing files and applications and using different types of files       
* Understanding basic network concepts like connection, uploading and downloading* Understanding security risks like malware, file security and online security
* Basic and safe internet browsing* Use of social media networks like Facebook

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