Soldier On

Soldier On and Voice of Calvary Ministries have partnered to do community outreach for veterans’ families in Mississippi. Voice of Calvary has been rebuilding lives and communities since 1975. We work with low- to moderate-income families to help them achieve their full potential — spiritually, physically, economically and socially — in order to break the cycle of poverty and rebuild inner city communities.

Since 1994, Soldier On has been fighting to end veteran homelessness. They’ve been there through every step of the way, helping veterans navigate the transition from homelessness to home ownership. Together, Soldier On and Voice of Calvary are working to reach a common goal in fighting poverty in Mississippi and helping people get back on their feet.

Help for Veterans

Call us at 1-866-406-8449 if you know a veteran who is on the verge of homelessness or struggling with issues related to housing, health care or substance abuse. In addition to assisting with emergency shelter and transitional housing for homeless veterans, Soldier On and the Voice of Calvary now provide in-home services for veterans facing eviction or  foreclosure.


We also provide peer support, counseling, financial support, training, education and employment services among other supportive services including:

  • Case Management & Referral Services: Health Care, Daily Living Activities, Financial Planning, Transportation, Income Support, and Legal Assistance.
  • Temporary Financial Assistance: Rental Assistance, Utility Fees and Deposits, Security Deposits, Moving Costs, Emergency Supplies, Child Care, and Transportation.
  • Voice of Calvary Provides: Job Placement, Homebuyer Education, Mortgage Delinquency Counseling, Rental Counseling, Credit Counseling, Financial Literacy, and Healthy Lifestyle Education.
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