Emergency Solutions Grant

Applicants that can be assisted through ESG:

Homelessness Prevention: This is for individuals that are currently housed, however, are at risk of becoming homeless for various reasons. There are three (3) categories in order to be considered “At Risk of Homelessness”.

  • Individuals and Families
  • Unaccompanied Children and Youth
  • Families with Children and Youth.

Rapid Rehousing: This is for individuals that are currently homeless. There are four (4) categories in order to be considered homeless.

  • Literally Homeless
  • Imminent Risk of Homelessness
  • Homeless under other Federal statues
  • Fleeing/ Attempting to Flee Domestic Violence.

Street Outreach: Organizations are provided the necessary essentials to reach out to the unsheltered homeless rather it be individuals and/or families connect them with emergency shelter, housing or critical services and provide them with urgent non-facility based care.

Shelter: This allows non-profit and/ or government agencies to house individuals that are homeless

Individual assessment must be complete to determine eligibility.

 – A  VOCM Program

Assistance that’s available under ESG:

Homelessness Prevention:
  •  Rental Arrears
  •  Utilities Arrears
  •  Rent Payments
  •  Case Management
Rapid Rehousing:
  •  Rental/Utilities Arrears
  •  Security/Utilities Deposits
  •  Rental Payment
  •  Moving Cost
  •  Case Management
Street Outreach:
  •  Engagement
  •  Case Management
  •  Emergency Health Services
  •  Emergency Mental Health Services
  •  Transportation
  •  Case Management
  •  Transportation
  • Shelter food/ supplies


 The ESG Program provides outreach, shelter, rapid rehousing and homelessness prevention to persons experiencing homelessness or persons at risk of becoming homeless.
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