Economic Development Initiatives in Jackson Mississippi

Economic Development Jackson MississippiOne of the major challenges facing urban areas is disinvestment in low income communities. Thus a major part of community development in inner cities must include economic development initiatives.  Economic development requires a long term outlook, as well as cooperation and coordination with many community partners.  In 2013, the City of Jackson administration passed a set of suggested design guidelines for revitalizing areas “within and around Downtown”.  In keeping with the recommendations, Voice of Calvary Ministries has had our property located at 531 W. Capitol Street rezoned to commercial, mixed use.  We are in the process of working with potential developers for this site which is on the eastern edge of our target area near downtown.  Stay tuned as we move forward with our mixed use development we are calling Downtown West.


On the western boundary of our target area, VOCM has developed Claiborne Park.  In 2007, we developed a master plan for this sixteen acre parcel of land which is near a residential neighborhoods, a high school, apartments, commercial corridor, as well as several churches.  We have completed the first phase of the plan for the park, and we are now working with churches and neighborhood associations develop quality affordable housing around the park.

Claiborne Park Development Jackson Mississippi



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