SSVF Case Manager

Hometown: Jackson, MS
Education: ST. Joseph H.S. & Jackson State Univ. (B.S.)
Experience: 13 ½ years as a Case Manager
6 years as a Recreational Therapist
3 years as a Substitute Teacher

Working here at Voice of Calvary Ministries is both an honor and a pleasure. Since November 2013, when I became employed as a Case Manager with the “We Soldier On” Program, I have had the opportunity to have direct contact with veterans throughout the state of Mississippi. This program has allowed me to assist in housing homeless veterans as well as help stabilize those already housed so they won’t become homeless. I owe these BRAVE MEN and WOMEN who served in the military, much more than I can give. In the meantime, however, I will continue to try and make a difference doing what I do here at VOCM and the “We Soldier ON” Program.
God Bless our MEN and WOMEN of the military and God Bless The USA

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